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Rare Critics of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed.’ Trilogy by E L James is about Timely Provocative Romance

Thanks to E L James, a former TV executive, wife and mother of two, women all over the world are becoming more comfortable talking about women’s erotica.  Besides The Tropics of Cancer, Lace, Tropics Romance Triloy, Fifty Shades Trilogy wakes up the sleeping giant, female readers.  The secret is out.  Soccer moms can have a little of time to indulge in hot reading to recharge their batteries of inspiration amidst the mundane tasks of every day life.  If anything, authors such as E L James of Fifty Shades Trilogy and Kandy Belle of Tropics Romance Trilogy  have found the recipe to create novels that compel women and men to read them in a few days or hours.  These are provocative stories that most people used to read in the comfort of their bedrooms.  These days, they can be found on the front tables of bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and warehouses such as Costco and stores such as Wal-Mart.

Thus far, Fifty Shades Trilogy is the fastest selling book in 2012.  If the numbers are any indication of the wide success of the series, thus far, it has sold more than 20,000,000 copies worldwide.  It has been voted the top 2012 book.  EL James’s erotic fiction is being read by most men and women all over the world.  For sure, it is the fastest selling novel of all times.

What’s the trilogy about?

“The trilogy features Anastasia Steele, who falls in love with Christian Grey, a troubled young billionaire who likes sex only if he can accompany it with quite formal, stylised corporal punishment,” wrote a reviewer.  It is more than that.  The author was able to address very intimate issues in the trilogy.  Themes such as BDSM, consensual role-play punishment, domination etc are parts of the ingredients that make this trilogy so well-read.

It is worth saying that technology has destroyed the sense of shame that most women had in the pre-tablet, pre-Kindle era.  It is obvious most female readers would not feel comfortable reading such books in open air, but with the advent of the Kindle, ereaders and tablets, more and more women can buy and read these books in the comfort of their homes, office and anywhere else.  Now there is no more shame attached to reading erotica in public places.  It is a matter of saving and using time appropriately.  More and more people can turn on their Kindle and read some chapters of a hot fiction while waiting for their dates.

These days, society has accepted sex as an explicit subject.  It is no longer a metaphorical reference.  Writers have taken notice of that societal change.  Those who can create a decent story are laughing all the way to the bank.  They are cashing in on the new acceptance.

Despite its bestselling status, not all women like the trilogy.  The trilogy has some ardent critics.  Some liken it to a book or manual of abuse.  Publisher Arrow had to defend it this way, “a work of romantic fiction which explores a consensual relationship between two willing adult participants”.  They add that victims of domestic violence should not read these books.  Instead, they should burn them.  Such strong emotions are born because of some type of confusion over the fact the  readers are dealing with a work of romantic fiction and fantasy.  However, they ground their arguments with statements such as, “these books tell the story of the submissive/dominant relationship between billionaire Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele.”